* A gas spring is filled with oil and highly pressurised gas.Therefore, do not try to open or drill into a Gas Spring.

* First .check and compare the design, lenght and mounting points before installing the new gas spring.

* Remember that it is the gas springs that supports the bonnet and rear hatch.To avoid injuries any king, ensure a secure fastening of the bonnet or rear hatch when replacing springs.

* Check mounting points in the body,if there are damaged they should be changed or repaired.

* We recommend that the spirings on the vehicle are fitted in pairs.

* On a car that has been extra equipped with blinds, hi-fi spekakers or spolers for example, there is a risk that the rear hatch may be too heavy for gas springs designed with the original elevating power.

* Extremely cold temperatures deteriorate the gas springs elevating abilities.

* For optimal working conditions max.6 cycles must be applied per minutes.

* The length tolerance of the product is +1-2 mm and the force tolerance is 8%.

* Maximum speed of the piston is approx.300 mm/s.


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